Founder and History

Gene Wang, 40 years of valve experience at a glance

In 1976, Gene joined ShinnHwa Valve, a Taiwanese butterfly valve and water treatment valve manufacturing company. As an valve engineer, his jobs were focused on the design and performance improvement.


In 1979, Gene made a major contribution to the company by heading ShinnHwa’s 2200mm Water Treatment Butterfly Valve project. Gene dedicated all of his time to every aspect of the project, including drawings, patterns, manufacturing procedures, and quality control. As a young engineer, he was innovative in improving the efficiency of the entire project.


In 1980, Gene was now a well-experienced valve engineer. After careful deliberation, he decided to start his own company by establishing the Value Valves Corporation with his partners. This was the first time that he served as a General Manager. His responsibilities included sales, design, manufacturing, engineering,  and even financial management. This position provided him with a wide variety of experience.


In 1984, Gene had the vision to further expand and explore the markets for his company. So he founded MariposaValve, an oversea subsidiary of ValueValves for the global market.


In 1986, after more than 10 years of hard work and experienced in the valve industry, Gene had gained a deep insight of the valve market. In order to achieve a higher goal of producing the best quality butterfly valves, Gene established No.1, 2, and 3 Manufacturing Plants for his company. He was in charge of the plants layout, resource allocation, process flow, equipment, facility, and budget control.


In 1992, he decided to expand the product line of his company to include butterfly valves. He led the design and development of the ValueValve’s Double Offset and Triple Offset Butterfly Valves. Again, he focused in on producing the best designs for the valves and on developing patents and operation procedures for production with strict quality control.


In 1998, after 30 years of experience in valve engineering and development, Gene was recognized as an expert in the field. In addition, he also gained broader expertise to became a solution architecturer. He was invited to be a supervisor of the Taiwan's 4th Nuclear Power Plant 18"-36" Triple Offset 150LB to 600LB Project and reviewed design figures and developed inspection procedures.


In 2003, with 17 years of experience as the General Manager of the Value Valves Corporation and its Chief Engineer, he continued to keep himself well versed in the contemporary technology of valve development. Because of his expertise and reputation, he was invited to serve as the project manager of the Bao-Shan Mountain Reservoir 4M x 19 sluice gate and remote control system, which involved all aspects of planning, engineering, and implementation of the entire project.


In 2013, Gene established a new company, HippoValve, a high performance Double Offset and Triple Offset Metal Seated Butterfly valve manufacturing company. This new company allows him to utilize all of his expertise in the development a new generation of high performance valves.



Year Event Role
1976 Join ShinnHwa Valve R&D Lead
1980 Found Value Valve General Manager
1984 Found Mariposa Valve General Manager
2013 Found Hippo Valve General Manager

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